Friday, September 30, 2005

you never know what will impress them.

We're watching Cartoon Network -- because I am having a hormonal time right now and I can't face doing anything but staring at the TV or the computer -- and this song starts to play:

I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come

Since I am a huge dorky dork, I start singing because I watched "Fame" about 300 times, listened to the soundtrack LP (oh, yeah people, I'm so old I had vinyl!) once a day for two years, and even watched the TV series.

My children take notice of me for the first time this afternoon (other than to ask me for food, bathroom assistance, or to change the channel). "You know this song?" I nod my head as I continue to sing along. "That's so cool, Mama. You know the cartoon song!"

Go, me.

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