Monday, March 30, 2009

live every week like it's shark week

30 Rock is my favorite TV show right now (and for the past three seasons). Are you watching it? You should. (There, that's my public service for the day.)

Anyway, the other day I was asking the girls what their favorite TV shows are. Elizabeth said, "Well, my favorite TV show is the kid version of your favorite show." I was a little confused since I don't let the girls watch 30 Rock and I couldn't for the life of me think of a show they like that bears any resemblance to the craziness and hilarity that is Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin.

"Well, what do you mean, hon?" "Sonny With a Chance, Mama! Because it's about a sketch comedy show!"

Which, indeed it is. Of course, the kid version is much tamer and on Disney, but still. It brings me a lot fo joy thinking that maybe my kids will enjoy the adult version in the future. Live every week like it's shark week, my babies!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

brownie day

I went to pick up the twins from their afterschool program and one of the aides made me laugh out loud. It was snack time, and all the kids were sitting at picnic tables and eating and talking. Garrett said hi to me and said, "Today is brownie day. Everyone is very protective of their snack on brownie day. Now, on goldfish day? Any kid will happily spot you some goldfish crackers. But on brownie day, they'll just give you dirty looks if you ask for a piece of the brownie."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Sunday was Cha's birthday. She's now a seven year old. (Officially, because today, when I woke up the girls, she muttered, "Just five more minutes, Mom.") It was a really, really nice day. We got her two of those robotic dinosaurs ("These are the best presents, ever!"), a Hello Kitty card with stickers ("This is the best card, ever!"), and we all went bowling and then had dinner at her restaurant choice (IHOP, and lots of cries of, "This is the best birthday, ever!") Then some singing and candles and an ice cream cake before bed. As I kissed her good night and wished her a happy birthday for the last time this year, she said, "This was such an awesome birthday. I think seven will be a great year!" I think I will keep her.

My favorite thing that she did on her birthday was when she was quietly playing with her dinos and she was singing to them. I was cracking up because she was singing "Kayaking" -- a very funny, silly song. I don't think there's anything better than a newly-minted seven year old singing a hilarious song about love and boating to a triceratops and a T Rex:

I wanna go kayaking
Gonna make you my kayak king
What a lovely life as your aquatic wife
When we go kayaking

You'll be the jack of hearts
The handsome captain called Bogart
Kissing me, the young Hepburn
As we learn to share the stern

I wanna go kayaking
Gonna make you my kayak king
We'll grow old together
We'll have skin like leather
As we go kayaking