Monday, October 29, 2007

scientific laughter

Charlotte was all abuzz about volcanoes and magma and lava because they learned about it at school today. While I was making her lunch, she said, "Mama, did you know there are volcanoes UNDER THE SEA?" Why, yes, yes I did.

"And lava is very hot because it is hot, melty rocks! Isn't that cool?"

"Yes, Cha, it's very cool. Wait -- no -- it's very, very hot!"

And then she laughed her head off.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

a sentence never uttered before

Archie and I went to a birthday party for one of his coworkers last night. A group of us sat outside, talking. At one point, one of his friends was trying to mimic some porn music and it was very strange and wrong, so I made some wocka-chocka sounds and then told them about the snails in a nature documentary we watched with Charlotte where the snails were getting it on and then toppled over slowly in their snaily passion. A woman said she had a friend who actually helped stage those kinds of scenes.

"You mean the snails had a fluffer?" I asked.

Everyone laughed very loudly and Archie said, "I think that is a completely unique sentence that has never been spoken before."