Tuesday, July 31, 2007

best nickname ever

Archie likes to watch the mixed martial arts fighting on TV. Mostly, he TiVos it and watches it in our office/guest room, because I am not what you would call a big fan. But, tonight he was watching something in the family room and he paused the TV to inform me of the nickname of one of the combatants. Are you ready?

The Mexicutioner.

Isn't that awesome? Sadly, the Mexicutioner lost the match. But he lives on in our hearts because of his fantastic nickname.

Monday, July 30, 2007

california fun in the sun

Yesterday was the employee summer picnic and so we packed up and headed to Santa Cruz to spend the day at the Boardwalk. It was pretty much fun from beginning to end, with only a few hiccups.

We had lunch first and they had a person doing airbrush tattoos, so the girls and I all got tats. I went to get a beer and the very sweet guy said, "You're 21, right?" "Uh, yeah, but you can see my ID if you want." So I handed him my license and he squinted at it and then at me and said, "You're 42? No way!" And I smiled and said, "You have just scored a tip, my friend!"

We went to the beach and got our feet wet in the Pacific and then headed for the Boardwalk. First up was the merry-go-round. It's the only carousel that you can still grab a brass ring on (and then you toss it at a clown with a hole for a mouth and if it goes in there are lights and loud sounds -- Archie actually got one in). Then Cha and Lou and I went on this rock and roll ride which was loud and fast and fun. We got some ice cream and then tried to talk the girls into the flume ride, but they all said no way. So I took Cha and Lou on the ferris wheel. This was a minor mistake since I always forget that Louisa hates heights and she spent the ride with her eyes squinched shut. Then we went on the tilt-a-whirl and Bebe joined us (Archie won't ride the twirly rides because they make him sick) and Bebe was not happy and started to cry. So I felt awful about that. We made it up to her by having another go at the merry go round. Then we went back to the beach to splash around before we headed home.

Archie made us tuna melts for dinner and then off to bed for everyone. We mostly had a really great time and only had some crabbiness when it was time to leave. Archie got to laugh his head off at me when we were walking, though. I was holding Cha's hand and Bebe was walking with Arch and I kept looking around and finally stopped and said, "Oh, God, where's Louisa?" Archie laughed and laughed and I felt a tug on my other hand as Lou said, "Mommy, I'm right here!" Best parenting freak-out ever -- I wasn't even registering that I was holding her hand!

After our ride experiences, I think when we go to the Ohio State Fair in another week that we'll stick to kid rides and Lou and Cha will join me on some twirly stuff. I am totally going to get Cha to go with me on the mini-roller coaster, though. That child likes the thrill. She was cackling like a crazy hen on every one we rode. She will apparently be my amusement park buddy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

poor, sick baby

Charlotte was up and down last night and that's unusual for her. This morning she didn't want to get out of bed, but we had to take the girls to daycamp. She was just kind of lolling around on the couch and I realized she hadn't asked for breakfast. When I asked her if she was hungry, she said no, so I felt her and she was hot.

I took her temp and she's got a 100 degree fever -- not scary, but enough to make her lethargic and not herself. I gave her some Motrin and the fever has come down a bit and she's drinking water -- although she has no appetite. I'm not afraid she'll starve or anything.

I hate the unexplained fevers. She says she doesn't have a headache or tummyache and there's no rash or anything like that. I just have to keep an eye on her and make sure she gets enough fluid.

Poor baby.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

borders was on crack

On Friday, I called our local Borders to inquire about their Harry Potter release party. The guy said, "Have you reserved a copy?" I replied, "You really think I need to reserve a copy? You're going to run out of the most anticipated release since, well, forever?"

"Well, we're advising people to come on Sunday when we'll sell books that were reserved but haven't been picked up."

"Dude, I'm pretty certain I can secure a copy somewhere tomorrow. But thanks."

And -- what do you know? -- when we went to Target there was a huge, book-filled display. Shocking! It was fun to kid with Louisa, though. "Hey! Wasn't there a book you wanted? Something like Larry Snotter? Or Barry Hotter?"

"Mo-om! Harry Potter!"

"I heard that everyone gets killed and the school burns down."*


[* I did not really hear this. That was a joke, just in case you think I would have some spoiler-y Harry Potter info.]

Monday, July 16, 2007

eight years ago

I looked over at Archie. He didn't have that softened look around the eyes most people have when they look at a baby. He looked panicked and kind of terrified and I could only see a bundle wrapped in a blanket that seemed to be a dishtowel with blue stripes on the ends. A nurse put another bundle on my chest and I looked into a tiny red face who was screaming at me -- "Waahh!" Pause. "Waahh!" Pause. "Waahh!"

"What do you think, Mom?"

I looked up at the nurse, at said, "That's a baby."

She laughed. "Of course it's a baby! What did you think it was?"

"I don't know. But that's a baby."

"Yes, that's a baby. And you have another one just like her over there."

And then I felt incredibly nauseated because, holy shit, I now had two babies.


Now those two babies are eight. I can barely reconcile that these big girls who gallump around the house and read and giggle and tear around on their mountain bikes were once those babies who terrified me right after they were born.

Happy birthday, Elizabeth Annika and Louisa May.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

it's like 2004!

Archie and I had old, clunky Nokia cell phones. No flip cover, no download capabilities, no camera, just phones. We've had them forever. But we got new phones yesterday and they are wonderful and do all kinds of cool things and we're having (or at least, I'm having) lots of fun with them. As you can probably guess by the title of this post, we didn't get iPhones because, what are you? Crazy? We have three kids and a gigantic mortgage and one income -- we can't even begin to pretend to imagine to justify spending that much money on phones, no matter how cool they are. No, we got Razors. We have moved into the mid-aughts, people!

We have texted! We've had fun trying to think up interesting ringtones. We've taken pictures. We've sent pictures! It's like we're 12.

The best thing was last night. I was getting ready to go to the grocery store and Archie was reading to the girls. He asked me to add a few things to the list. He told me a few normal things and then started going on and on with stupid things -- like a pool and a pony and the Eiffel Tower. Ha ha. Except as I put down the pen and prepared to walk out, Archie said, "Oh, yeah, and some Frosted Mini Wheats." Of course, all I wanted to do was flip him off, but the kids were all right there, so I was limited in how to express my annoyance.

I went into the living room and took my phone and took a picture of my hand with my middle finger extended. Then I sent it to Archie. Sadly, I thought it was pretty damn funny that I flipped off my husband using my brand-new phone. Because that is what all technology should do -- give me an interesting and novel new way to flip off my husband.

I can't wait until he annoys me again -- I'm torn as to whether I should text him and say, "Dick" or "Suck it".

Maybe "Suk it".

Thursday, July 05, 2007

girly stuff

Not the little girl stuff, but big girl stuff.

I am happy to say that I have graduated from my very low-maintenance Cetaphil/Neutrogena sunblock/whatever cheap-o drugstore moisturizer was on sale to the Philosophy (or philosophy, I guess) skincare system. My skin has always been fairly decent, but after the kids, I just didn't have the time or inclination to do more than the most very basic care. Also, my inner cheapskate kicked in and I just couldn't justify spending a lot on something that I wouldn't or couldn't keep up with. But, lo! The children are not quite as time-intensive as in days past and I have been making it a priority to take care of myself a little more. And my skin loves me! It really, really loves me! And while my new skincare routine really isn't that much more of a time-suck than before, it feels a little more special.

And, I have some new makeup loves. Which is really saying something since I basically gave up on makeup for the past seven years except for events. I have a Neutrogena tinted moisturizer that works more like a sheer foundation that's really nice. And the boutique-y Mark line from Avon (or mark., I guess) is cheap and fun and I have a whole slew of lip glosses! Lip glosses with attached mints that fit right in my very tiny purse. Because I don't need to carry the Diaper Bag of Doom anymore. Yay!

Also, I got a whole bunch of new clothes! Clothes that include skirts and new shoes and cashmere sweaters. Oh, my dresser drawer filled with cashmere is a beautiful thing. And this is all because my kids no longer treat me as the human Kleenex and they no longer cling to me like baby koala bears.

It's amazing how a little girly stuff and a bit of time (not to mention a full night's sleep every night) makes me feel. I'm all cute and stuff. Now if those pesky gray hairs would magically disappear, I'd be golden. Heh.