Monday, July 30, 2007

california fun in the sun

Yesterday was the employee summer picnic and so we packed up and headed to Santa Cruz to spend the day at the Boardwalk. It was pretty much fun from beginning to end, with only a few hiccups.

We had lunch first and they had a person doing airbrush tattoos, so the girls and I all got tats. I went to get a beer and the very sweet guy said, "You're 21, right?" "Uh, yeah, but you can see my ID if you want." So I handed him my license and he squinted at it and then at me and said, "You're 42? No way!" And I smiled and said, "You have just scored a tip, my friend!"

We went to the beach and got our feet wet in the Pacific and then headed for the Boardwalk. First up was the merry-go-round. It's the only carousel that you can still grab a brass ring on (and then you toss it at a clown with a hole for a mouth and if it goes in there are lights and loud sounds -- Archie actually got one in). Then Cha and Lou and I went on this rock and roll ride which was loud and fast and fun. We got some ice cream and then tried to talk the girls into the flume ride, but they all said no way. So I took Cha and Lou on the ferris wheel. This was a minor mistake since I always forget that Louisa hates heights and she spent the ride with her eyes squinched shut. Then we went on the tilt-a-whirl and Bebe joined us (Archie won't ride the twirly rides because they make him sick) and Bebe was not happy and started to cry. So I felt awful about that. We made it up to her by having another go at the merry go round. Then we went back to the beach to splash around before we headed home.

Archie made us tuna melts for dinner and then off to bed for everyone. We mostly had a really great time and only had some crabbiness when it was time to leave. Archie got to laugh his head off at me when we were walking, though. I was holding Cha's hand and Bebe was walking with Arch and I kept looking around and finally stopped and said, "Oh, God, where's Louisa?" Archie laughed and laughed and I felt a tug on my other hand as Lou said, "Mommy, I'm right here!" Best parenting freak-out ever -- I wasn't even registering that I was holding her hand!

After our ride experiences, I think when we go to the Ohio State Fair in another week that we'll stick to kid rides and Lou and Cha will join me on some twirly stuff. I am totally going to get Cha to go with me on the mini-roller coaster, though. That child likes the thrill. She was cackling like a crazy hen on every one we rode. She will apparently be my amusement park buddy.

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