Tuesday, October 31, 2006

halloween is over

Thank God, because I was really tired of all the costume changing. But the girlies had a blast. We went to Archie's work for a parade and party and it was fine until their friend (the daughter of one of Archie's coworkers) showed up when it turned into the best party ever ever ever. They played and squealed and Archie and I invited the other family over for Thanksgiving and then it was even better. Seriously, my girls are so easy to please and take such joy in simple things like a friend coming for a party or Thanksgiving.

Tonight was fun. Archie got stuck in traffic, so the girls helped pass out candy. (The eyeballs were a smashing success.) I can't believe we had over 50 trick-or-treaters! (I know how many we had because we had a bag of the eyeballs and there were over 60 eyeballs in that bag and we were less several because the girls had to taste them. Heh.) We had all the cute kids and the lame-o teenagers who don't dress up but still want candy. Jeez, at least wear a mask or something. Archie finally got home and took the kinder out to collect some candy. People give out great stuff these days. The big hit was whoever gave out containers of Playdough. After the girls were in bed, the doorbell rang and Archie answered it. On our porch were about 4 teens, all in costume, who began singing Christmas carols. That was fantastic! We gave them all the rest of the chocolate candy and made them promise to come by at Christmas and sing Halloween songs. Then we blew out the candles in the jack-o-lanterns, turned out the porch light, and relaxed.

Bring on Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 30, 2006

a few notes for the googling public

1. I do not hate my husband. Seriously, I don't know how anyone reads far enough into the searches to find my little site, but, for the record, I love my husband!

2. You will not find tips about actual slugs here. Sorry. And, wow -- you have them in your dishwasher? Gross.

3. An awful lot of people seem to be worried about wobbly teeth. I hope this is because they have children who are losing baby teeth and not because they are adults who have adult teeth falling out of their heads.

4. I know nothing about rodeo princess costumes. Although being a rodeo princess sounds awesome. I'd suggest a hat and boots and maybe a skirt with fringe. And a big-ass belt buckle. A horse would make it perfect. I think I'd like to be a rodeo princess in real life.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

rumble at the costco

Like everyone else in the universe on Saturday, we went to Costco, which is a big warehouse place. When you go on a weekend, you will circle the parking lot 700 times, following a person with a cart full of stuff and then someone will sneak into the space you waited 15 minutes for and then you start the circling again and, if you are Archie and me, you will sing the "Jaws" theme over an over and over. And it never gets old. OK, the circling gets old, but singing the "Jaws" theme? That's always funny. And, when someone has stolen your spot yet again, you will sigh and then have a little mini-party when you score a fantastic spot right up front. And it only took what felt like an hour!

We finally entered and began our slow and meandering quest to acquire large quantities of stuff. A jumbo pack of Capri Sun. Huge bags of Halloween candy (and candy eyeballs -- we're gonna be the coolest house on the block!). Some other stuff I've forgotten already. We are prepared for the slow going with comedy that never gets old. "Hey -- do we need a quart of capers? What about an industrial size bucket of mayo?" And then we had a fight with the rudest people in the entire place.

There are always employees at the end of aisles with free food samples. We don't personally partake of the free samples, but apparently this is a favored practice. To my mind, if you are going to crowd the end of the aisle to wait and sample cookies or cheese or whatever else Costco has purchased a metric ton of and would like you to buy, you should stash your cart away from the aisle so the people who would like to buy something in that aisle can get by. But I am obviously out of my gourd and old people think that's a move for sissies.

Archie said, "Excuse me," to an elderly woman who was blocking the aisle with her cart. She didn't respond, so he hit her with our cart, called her a bitch, and then stole her purse. Ha! No, he didn't, but you would have thought he did by her response. I'm guessing that even though she was 700 years old and he called her ma'am and was polite, she mistook this as him being the rudest human on the planet and felt the need to tell him to shut up. We moved past her and Archie said, "Fuck you, you skanky old bitch!" Oh, wait, no he didn't. He said, "Ma'am, your cart is blocking the aisle. I just want to get past you." This set off another woman who was living in the same imaginary world as the elderly woman and started screaming at us. Archie went up to her and hissed, "Outside right now so I can kick your ass!" Wait, no he didn't. He said, "That's very nice to jump in when it's not really any of your business." Which ticked off the second woman who turned out to be the daughter of the first woman and I guess she thought it was beyond the pale that my husband actually spoke to her mother with a respectful tone and used the term ma'am and was polite and calm in the face of yelling and rudeness. Because the daughter proceeded to swear loudly. Which was when I called over my shoulder (with no attempt to be polite because those women were craaaazy), "That's really nice language to use in public around children!"

When we were done shopping and in the car driving home, Archie said it was like being in an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Except without the jaunty and annoying tuba music. He also said those women were probably in their car talking about how rude and awful we were.

"Yeah, but I'm betting the old biddies don't have a blog to bitch about us! Ha! Because I'm going to make fun of them. I'm so adult and mature like that!"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

halloween overload

So, eveyone's dressed and fed and the girls are watching "Arthur" before we get the big ones to school. And I'm stressing mildly over the fact that Halloween has suddenly become a major holiday.

When I was a kid (and had a pet triceratops, heh), there was a parade at school, a classroom party at the end of the day, and trick-or-treating. The end, enjoy your candy.

This year, we have a party at the kajukenbo dojo on Friday, the family parade and party at Archie's work on Monday (which is a lot of fun and the girls love it), the after-school parade on Tuesday, and then trick-or-treating. Dear Lord, that's a lot of dressing up and candy and excitement. We've also found out that the amusement park that time forgot has a weekend sleepover, which I know the kids would have fits of joy over. But -- you have to be at least 5 and there's no way we could hide atttendance from Cha, so we're planning on everyone going next year.

You know how ridiculous I sound, right? "Man, Halloween has turned into a scheduling nightmare! But I think there's one more thing the kids would really like to do, so we'll add it on next year."

I obviously hit my head very hard and now I'm certifiably insane!

Monday, October 23, 2006

dinosaur, dedication, and divorce

So, this weekend, Archie and I were out on the deck and he got this semi-pained look on his face. "God, I can't believe it." All I could think was that he saw another mouse or some other rodent near the fence. "What is it now?" I asked. "I can't believe we have...dinousaurs!" And he kicked a plastic dino sitting in the driveway that one of the girls had left there.

Tonight, while we were watching "Jeopardy!" an answer got the girls and I talking about pseudonyms. Elizabee said she was going to write a book and she would write it under her own name. "And I will dedicate it to you, Mama." "That's really sweet, Bebe." "It will say, 'To my mother who gave me almost everything I wanted!'" I would like the award for best mother ever right now.

Archie lost his wedding ring on Saturday. He'd gone to kajukenbo (where he takes it off) and then he realized it wasn't in his bag and it wasn't just lying around. Tonight when he came home from work, he was still upset. I told him it was OK; it's just a ring. He replied, "Yeah, I know, but if I don't find it we'll have to get divorced!" I started to laugh, but the girls were very concerned and I had to reassure them that he was just kidding. He came home from the dojo later and he'd found it -- in the trunk of the car. I told him I was very happy we could stay married.

This post has been brought to you by the letter D.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Some people who read here know this story, because I've told it elsewhere. Too bad this is a repeat -- it's a really funny story!

When I was about 5 or 6, my aunt, who was an English teacher, was visiting. I was reading a book and I asked my aunt what W-H-O-R-E spelled. She replied, without any thought, "Whore." I said thanks and carried on.

Now, my aunt thought for a moment and wondered why her little niece was reading a book with the word whore in it. So she asked me to show her the word in the book. I dutifully pointed it out. The word wasn't "whore", it was "who're". I apparently wasn't big on apostrophes at that point.

What was the book, you ask? Why, "Danny and the Dinosaur". Totally whore-free!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

for isa

This is for your amusement, Isabelle, in celebration of your new store! Another funny Lulu moment.

We were talking about options for Halloween costumes. We have this fantastic Sully monster costume that Bebe wore a long time ago. I told Louisa maybe I could talk ChaCha into wearing. "Why, Mama?" "Well, Cha would make an adorable monster."

"Yeah," she answered, "and because you're cheap!"

She was absolutely correct. Sadly, Charlotte did not want to be Sully, she is going to be Cinderella. And Bebe is Sleeping Beauty. Our Lou is Pocahontas (and I'm giggling because I remember when they used to pronounce that as Mochahontas -- like a Disney/Starbucks children's drink).

I'm hoping against hope that the princess thing is soon to be over. Although a Native American princess is a step in the right direction.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

we watch too many tlc programs

Last night, Louisa was goofing around with this pencil. It had broken in two and she took the piece with no eraser on it and sharpened both ends. Then she held it up and said, in a very movie trailer-voiceover way, "One Was Two: The Autobiography of a Conjoined Pencil!"

Then we both laughed hysterically. God, that was funny.

What was even funnier was that I told her to go and tell Archie because I knew he would think it was amazingly funny, too. Lou got all shy and told me no and that I couldn't tell him, either. So I asked if I could write about it here, at slug rodeo.

She thought for a moment and asked, "You really want anyone in the entire world to read about this?"

"Sure! It's funny!"

"OK. But you can't tell Daddy!"

So I'm not telling. But I also neglected to tell her that Archie might possibly read this and then I've foiled her. Ha!