Thursday, November 24, 2005

best thanksgiving quote of 2005.

Archie's friend brought a turkey deep-fryer. We were all in the kitchen, watching him inject a seasoning mixture under the turkey skin with this large syringe-like thing. Charlotte said, "Mama, why is the man hurting our

gobble, gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all and sundry. I hope everyone who celebrates is having a fantastic meal with family and/or friends and enjoying the day.

I am very, very thankful for plumbers who work on Thanksgiving since our pipes backed up late last night. What is with our plumbing and major holidays? But, guests are expected any moment and we have toilets that work and I got a shower so I didn't have to offend anyone. Yay!

We're deep frying the turkey this year. Archie baked all the pies last night. There's just some last minute things like making mashed potatoes and gravy, heating up the scalloped corn, and opening up the can-berry. (That's not a typo -- you know the cranberry gelatin stuff that you get in the can? Archie must have it on the table -- in the can shape. Can-berry. Heh.)

Well, it's almost time to kick off the holiday season. Gobble, gobble.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Mondegreens are messed up song lyrics. Like "Jose did you see?" for the start of the US national anthem. With little kids you get a lot of these.

Today, we were at the schoolyard and ChaCha had a great one. There's this TV show called "Peep" about a chicken (Peep), a bird (Chirp), and a duck (Quack). It's an animated thing that is really funny and cute and deals with themes for preschoolers about science. The theme song starts, "Let's look around/What will we see/'Round every corner a discovery/Who-o-oah/There's no place I'd rather be". Bebe used to sing, "'Round every corner is a submarine". That was funny. But today, Cha was singing, "There's no place I'd rather pee!" Ah, a song about toileting. Who knew?

In happy news, Archie found an alternate ESPN channel which was showing the OSU game yesterday. This made the girls very unhappy, though, as I'm a little too involved when I watch sports. Every time there's a great play (or a horrible play or a great play for the other team), I scream or moan or whatever. And it always startles the kids. I like to think I'm just getting back at them for all the screaming and yelling they have subjected me to. Heh. But the Buckeyes beat that team up north very dramatically at the end of the fourth quarter, so I'm a very happy girl. I love you, Troy Smith.

Friday, November 18, 2005

correction: super proud.

We left the award ceremony early because, even though ChaCha is much better behaved, almost an hour of sitting relatively still was about her limit. So we left right after they finished with the first graders.

Well, the science teacher gave out "Outstanding Scientist" awards and Bebe and Lulu got those, too.

In non-related news, I am royally pissed that our local ABC affiliate seems to think they don't need to air the Ohio State v Michigan game. Being a Buckeye fan and living in California bites. If I have to keep refreshing ESPN, I may have to kill myself. My poor mother may be relating the game to me over the phone.

i'm a proud mom.

Today was the academic award ceremony at the twins' school. The awards are for perfect attendance, organization, and outstanding citizenship. Louisa and Elizabeth both earned all three. There were several kids in Lou's class who got all three. But Bebe was the only child in her class to get all the awards.

Beebs was completely goofy and was all wiggly and silly. (Also, when her name was first called, the other kids in her class all cheered, which was cute.) Lulu was all business and seemed very surprised to get each certificate.

I'm really very proud of them and how hard they're both working.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the less than perfect halloween.

Our post-trick or treat pictures will be a joy for years to come. Lulu was in tears because she wanted to come home about five minutes after Archie took them out. And, her stupid costume shoes gave her two blisters, so there was a pain factor going on. Cha wanted the flashlight and then refused to join in the photo session. Beebs was very happy and chatty and posed fetchingly, though. Memo for next year: Take photos before leaving the house!

Everything was great about five minutes later when they got to dig in to the loot. Plus, as some late beggars came calling, Lou was thrilled to help pass out some candy. Then, because we are terrible parents, the girls settled in with their daddy to watch the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

The best thing was after the girls were passed out from excitement and sugar (I did make them brush their teeth and wash their faces -- we do have a thin veneer of civilization coating our savageness), Archie answered the door to see not one, but two Darth Vaders. He said, "I'm terribly sorry, but I don't give candy to a Sith Lord!" Well, we thought it was amusing; the little Darths didn't even wheeze out a laugh.