Sunday, November 20, 2005


Mondegreens are messed up song lyrics. Like "Jose did you see?" for the start of the US national anthem. With little kids you get a lot of these.

Today, we were at the schoolyard and ChaCha had a great one. There's this TV show called "Peep" about a chicken (Peep), a bird (Chirp), and a duck (Quack). It's an animated thing that is really funny and cute and deals with themes for preschoolers about science. The theme song starts, "Let's look around/What will we see/'Round every corner a discovery/Who-o-oah/There's no place I'd rather be". Bebe used to sing, "'Round every corner is a submarine". That was funny. But today, Cha was singing, "There's no place I'd rather pee!" Ah, a song about toileting. Who knew?

In happy news, Archie found an alternate ESPN channel which was showing the OSU game yesterday. This made the girls very unhappy, though, as I'm a little too involved when I watch sports. Every time there's a great play (or a horrible play or a great play for the other team), I scream or moan or whatever. And it always startles the kids. I like to think I'm just getting back at them for all the screaming and yelling they have subjected me to. Heh. But the Buckeyes beat that team up north very dramatically at the end of the fourth quarter, so I'm a very happy girl. I love you, Troy Smith.

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