Friday, May 18, 2007

this year sucks for my sports teams

Has anyone reading noticed this? It has been a sad, pathetic year for the teams I've been rooting for. The Buckeyes lost national chamionships in football and basketball. Now the Suns are out of the playoffs. While I am always optimistic about my Cubs, we all know where it's probably headed.

If you have a team you hate, leave a comment and I will focus my losing vibes on them. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

hope springs eternal

I'm reading a lot of commentary about last night's game and much of it is about how the Spurs are just a better team and the Suns have no chance. Which, in the hopeful light of a new morning, I refuse to accept. The Suns had no Stoudemire or Diaw and they only lost by three. Yeah, those Spurs were just walking all over the Suns.

Suns in seven! Suns in seven!

(Will it happen if I wish for it hard enough? Heh.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

god damn

The Spurs by three.

hopin' and prayin'

So, if you haven't been keeping up, the Suns are tied at two all in their series against the Spurs. And the last game looked to be going to San Antonio until the very end when Phoenix caught on fire and turned the whole game around. Then there was the little matter of a hard foul where Horry checked Nash (poor Nash -- a badly cut nose, a knee to the groin, and now a hockey move) into the scorers' table. Which caused Bell to get in Horry's face and then Stoudamire and Diaw came off the bench (oh, no!), but were pulled back by coaches and teammates. The Suns won.

Except there's this rule that, in the event of an altercation, players who are on the bench must stay on the bench or suffer a suspension. So, two starters aren't playing tonight. Horry got a two-game vacation, but so what? He's not some absolutely integral part of the Spurs' game. The Suns just lost their top scorer because of something the other team did. Damn.

But. It's halftime and the Suns are up by 11. The Spurs had their lowest-scoring first half of the entire season. I think the Phoenix players are all having power naps in the locker room, right now.

Please. Please. Please.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

who knew?

If you want to increase your hit count, simply include names of celebrities in your posts. I have had more visits from people searching for Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Steve Nash than the now-infamous "slugs in a dishwasher" festival of late last year.

I love you, crazy Internet people. Don't ever change.

Monday, May 07, 2007

a conversation while watching the nba playoffs

[While watching the Warriors game the other night, they showed Jessica Alba in the crowd. Archie kept rewinding the TiVo to see Jessica Alba.]

Me: So, I saw an interview that said that Baron Davis went to school in Malibu with Kate Hudson, so that's why there are celebrities at the Warriors games. And, Jessica Alba was saying that Baron's like family --which, you know, may or may not be true.

Archie: Really? Hey, and why are you seeing interviews with Jessica Alba and I'm not?

Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha...

Archie: That's it. I'm going to have lunch tomorrow with Colin Firth and you can't come. I'm also going to make him act like Mr. Darcy throughout.


Wow. Poor Steve Nash -- that was an extraordinary gash and freely flowing blood. I hope that and the loss to the Spurs makes them want to kick some ass.

I find it amusing to read EPSN articles and then the replies from other readers which are always, "The columnist is a stupid idiot." There's one about how the Suns are fun to watch play. And then there are lots and lots of comments about how if a team is fun to watch, you aren't much of a basketball fan because everyone knows that the true conniseur of basketball like games where the teams play the clock and take one shot and then guard the opposing team like a glove and YAWN. Here's the thing -- I like the Spurs. I think Tim Duncan is amazing and, apparently, a stellar human being. But, regardless, a fantastic player. But if you don't enjoy watching a team running and gunning I think you may be dead inside. It doesn't mean you have to root for the fast breakers, but you have to admit you like watching a game that's got some life to it.

And that's why I like the Suns. It's fun to watch them play. Fast and furious is entertaining.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

triple fun

I am 42 years old today. I am old. Although, last week, when I told Bebe that I was old because I would be 42, she said, "Oh, Mama, you're not old. You don't look a day over 32." Sadly, I was thrilled, even though she's seven and she didn't even know me when I was 32. Oh, man, now I feel really old.

Also, happy Cinco de Mayo. I still secretly think that people of Mexican heritage are celebrating my birthday every year.

And, as occasionally happens, Derby Day falls on my birthday. I love Derby Day. And this year, as I dozed in front of early ESPN coverage, Archie herded the children out of the house and they've been gone for several hours. I had a big, fat nap and talked to my mom and had a snack. I'm expecting that Arch and the kids will be back soon with gifts and a cake. And tales of a special lunch out. Later, I'll take a shower and then we'll all go out for Mexican.

To recap, I'm old, it's the 5th of May, and there's a big horse race on TV. Also, presents, Mexican food, and chocolate cake for later. It's a fantastic day.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

dear suns,

I love you. You guys are awesome. Please stay healthy and continue to make me happy with your fast break play and fantastic passing and shooting.

And the winning. Keep that up, as well.




Neener, neener.

No smooches,


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

happy may

Well, it's been a while. What's going on? Are you enjoying your spring?

I am currently happy about watching the NBA playoffs because the Suns are kicking Laker ass and Steve Nash has a kicky new haircut -- yet still looks kind of greasy. The other day there was a clip on TNT where Nash walked past an on-court announcer and made a really stupid face and it was hilarious. Also, the Warriors? Please take out Dallas. Please.

Baseball is great and makes me very happy, even when the Cubs lose, which seems to be happening too early this season. But, still and all, I always love watching a game that goes into extra innings and singing the stretch twice, because it's the 14th. Even when they lose, that's a good time.

TV is ever the vast wasteland -- but "30 Rock" will be back for a second season, which makes me smile. And maybe maybe "Raines" with Jeff Goldblum will come back. (But probably not.) I cannot explain my love for Goldblum. I still remember going to see "The Big Chill" in college and going to every showing over a weekend just so I could watch him mumble and give those crazy-ass line readings. And then there is the funniest sex scene ever with Emma Thompson in "The Tall Guy". (I also love that movie because of the musical version of "The Elephant Man". In high school, we had a running joke about adapting that as a musical, so I always like to think that some British guy had a spy in our crappy drama club and stole our brilliantly funny idea.)

Saturday is my birthday and I am excited because Derby Day falls on my special day this year. I am planning on reclining on the couch and watching hours of coverage and drinking tasty adult beverages. Archie says it will be like a Tennessee Williams play, "Bring Mama another mint julep. Now! I need that now! Oh, why do you all try me so? All I want is to watch the elegant ponies and have a few moments of joy." All of that must be slurred and I need to get a mister so I'm all moist and damp, I think. Heh. Then we'll all be going out and having Mexican food for dinner to celebrate the fact that my birthday is also a holiday. Margaritas all around!

Archie has good things happening, which I can't talk about. The girls are all trolling websites looking for summer clothes they like. I am a decent parent, though, since they think the height of fashion are skorts and velcro sandals and not belly shirts and stripper heels.