Monday, May 07, 2007


Wow. Poor Steve Nash -- that was an extraordinary gash and freely flowing blood. I hope that and the loss to the Spurs makes them want to kick some ass.

I find it amusing to read EPSN articles and then the replies from other readers which are always, "The columnist is a stupid idiot." There's one about how the Suns are fun to watch play. And then there are lots and lots of comments about how if a team is fun to watch, you aren't much of a basketball fan because everyone knows that the true conniseur of basketball like games where the teams play the clock and take one shot and then guard the opposing team like a glove and YAWN. Here's the thing -- I like the Spurs. I think Tim Duncan is amazing and, apparently, a stellar human being. But, regardless, a fantastic player. But if you don't enjoy watching a team running and gunning I think you may be dead inside. It doesn't mean you have to root for the fast breakers, but you have to admit you like watching a game that's got some life to it.

And that's why I like the Suns. It's fun to watch them play. Fast and furious is entertaining.

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