Saturday, September 29, 2007

happiness, muted

So, my beloved Cubs finally wrapped up the division. Seriously, I'm thrilled. And my big girls had their first belt test in Kajukenbo and did a fantastic job and are now the proud wearers of white belts with yellow stripes. On to yellow!

But, Lou has some stomach bug -- no fever, but she's been throwing up and she slept it off for several hours. She just got up and had some applesauce and toast. You know your child is sick and hungry when she says, "Wow! Yum!" for applesause and toast.

Hopefully, she'll continue to mend and feel up for a healthier and more exciting day tomorrow than puking, sleeping, and watching SpongeBob.

Friday, September 14, 2007

wasting time

I should be cleaning, but instead I'm writing here. (Don't worry, Archie -- I'll get the house in some vague semblance of order.)

My shuffle has been telling me one other thing. It's telling me that all of my music is from the 80s and 90s. Well, except for some Franz Ferdinand and the Shins. Hell, one song even explicitly says it's from the 80s -- "Don't tell me that it can't be done/'Cause we're livin' in the 80s." Oh, Nick Lowe, how I love you. "Jumbo Ark" and "All Men Are Liars"? Just fun. I think all men are liars has one of my favorite lyrics ever -- "There stands the naked ape in a monkey suit/Behind the little mustache he grew/The shifty brute."

Sadly, even Mr.Lowe has been cranking out albums in this century, yet I have not kept up in my listening. I think I'll have to get on that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i think my shuffle is trying to tell me something

I was driving in the car and listening to my shuffle on, well, shuffle. Heh. And it played "It's All Been Done" and then "Galileo."

I think my shuffle is telling me I should become a Buddhist. Which I will try to get around to -- oh, in my next life.

Hi. I'm back from vacation and getting all of my children in school. My apologies to the several people who keep checking in every day.