Thursday, July 14, 2005

they grow up so fast.

Yesterday, the girls and I were walking home from picking the twins up at day camp. We passed two teens -- a boy and a girl -- and ChaCha very cheerfully said, "He-wo!" The kids passed us without any acknowledgment and Cha was heartbroken. "Why didn't they say he-wo? I said he-wo." "Oh, sweetie, the girl was talking on her cellphone and they are contemplating their teenagerness."

Bebe said, "Teenagers like to talk on cellphones and listen to iPods and go to concerts. They also like to hang out with their teenager friends and complain."

To keep from laughing, I asked, "How do you know so much about teenagers, Beeb?"

"I just do. I'm going to be one one day, you know."

I think she might be one now, except for having all her baby teeth and being five. And the lack of teenager friends and electronics.