Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the less than perfect halloween.

Our post-trick or treat pictures will be a joy for years to come. Lulu was in tears because she wanted to come home about five minutes after Archie took them out. And, her stupid costume shoes gave her two blisters, so there was a pain factor going on. Cha wanted the flashlight and then refused to join in the photo session. Beebs was very happy and chatty and posed fetchingly, though. Memo for next year: Take photos before leaving the house!

Everything was great about five minutes later when they got to dig in to the loot. Plus, as some late beggars came calling, Lou was thrilled to help pass out some candy. Then, because we are terrible parents, the girls settled in with their daddy to watch the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

The best thing was after the girls were passed out from excitement and sugar (I did make them brush their teeth and wash their faces -- we do have a thin veneer of civilization coating our savageness), Archie answered the door to see not one, but two Darth Vaders. He said, "I'm terribly sorry, but I don't give candy to a Sith Lord!" Well, we thought it was amusing; the little Darths didn't even wheeze out a laugh.


Jenijen said...

I think Halloween is mainly parental torture. Teacher torture, too. I like thanksgiving much better. The dark lord comment was FUNNY. What is wrong with these kids today??

katie said...

You know, the girls really had a fun time for the Halloween circuit. Seriously, Cha had a parade at preschool and all the girls went to their daddy's work function, to the elementary parade, and out for the evening. A festival of candy and dressing up!

A couple of blisters and a few tears? How messed up would I be to think that's a tragedy? Slightly annoying, but no more than that.

Plus, did I mention we have a metric ton of candy? We do. And don't think for a moment that I'm above stealing candy from my kids. Mmmm, candy.