Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween!

Ooo, spooky! Scary!

We carved our pumpkins yesterday afternoon. When did my kids get all prissy about pumpkin guts? Since last Halloween, apparently. ChaCha got her pumpkin a few weeks ago when her preschool class went to the pumpkin patch and it's kind of small. So we made a makeshift Plankton out of it, with one eye. She fussed because he doesn't have an eyebrow or antennae. So, next year we'll get a taller pumpkin and kit it out with MacGuyvered clothes hangers, I guess.

Someone donated a truckload of pumpkins to the elementary school and each of the kids up to third grade got a free one. I received a phone call Friday before lunch and Lou asked if I'd bring a stroller because she had a big pumpkin. Bebe had a good sized one which I had to carry all the way home. Lulu's was enormous! I had to jam it into the umbrella stroller and I made Lulu push it home. They will look very cute all lit up tonight.

Why do I have boring, girly girls? The twins are princesses -- gone is the Halloween when Elizabeth was the cutest Sully monster in all the land. Charlotte is Minnie Mouse. I swear, we should just give all of our disposable income to Disney. Next year I'm going to make them be ghosts or something. Well, if I can get motivated to actually create a costume. There are benefits to being a whore to the Empire of the Mouse for parents, too, I guess.

And I'm betting I won't use "pumpkin" in a sentence again until next Halloween!

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