Saturday, October 01, 2005

ten years ago.

So there's a little survey going around, and I thought I'd take one question per day. Yeah, I'm lazy and time-strapped.

1995. Archie and I were coming up on our second anniversary. We were living in Phoenix, where I had somehow adjusted to the insane heat. And Archie was preparing to move to the Bay Area for a job that one of his best friends had arranged an interview for. I was stressing about being responsible for packing up everything so that Archie could come back and we could move all the possessions and me to California in a few months.

We were sad because we couldn't take our dog, Oliver. So I was trying to find a home for him. I was terrified to move to California after it had taken quite a while for me to feel comfortable and more at home in Arizona. I had a decent job and was making the most money I'd ever made in my life. But the salary for the new position was more than double both our salaries. (Little did we know that double our salaries was not that great for the area. But that was later.)

I was 30 and wondering when we were going to start a family. I knew it wouldn't be too soon, with a new job and a move and all of that. So I was basically sad and stressed.

I had no idea that we were on the very cusp of a new life and adventure.


Tomorrow: Five years ago. (And maybe some talk of my evening out. Ooo, the excitement! Ooo, the glamour!)

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