Wednesday, October 12, 2005

twenty random facts about me.

1. I am the only girl in my family -- I have four brothers.
2. I breastfed twins for 18 months. I think I deserve a medal.
3. Even though I've given birth to three children, I have never felt a painful contraction. Don't hate me -- recovering from a c-section is more than a little painful.
4. I met my husband online. We both posted on a music BB on Prodigy -- the strip mall of online services! (I don't know why they didn't think that would be a good slogan.)
5. I play the viola.
6. I only have 24 teeth. I have very large teeth and a small mouth and I had a lot pulled so the remaining teeth would fit.
7. I got glasses when I was 10 months old. You people who complain about getting glasses in elementary school are poseurs!
8. I have had four surgeries and threw up on my mom after three of them. Sorry, Mom.
9. My favorite comfort food is chip beef gravy. Shut up.
10. I broke a kid's nose with my viola case. I'm hard -- don't mess with me.
11. I was a nanny for over five years.
12. I had a powder blue, 1965, Ford Galaxie 500 convertible. It came off the line the week I was born. It was my car twin, I guess. I loved that car.
13. My first date was to see "The Muppet Movie". Yes, I'm old.
14. I adore reality TV. I will harm you if you try to come between me and "America's Next Top Model", "The Amazing Race", or whatever the reality show of the moment is. I am even watching "My Fair Brady". I may need an intervention.
15. I'm a Cubs fan. This has been a character-building experience for me.
16. I have an English degree and a teaching credential. The earning potential there is dizzying.
17. I wore Doc Martens at my wedding reception.
18. I talk in my sleep.
19. I can start a fire with my glasses. And I've done it -- it was a big hit when I was a kid and went to camp. Sometimes being far-sighted is an asset, I guess.
20. We moved into our house in January 2001. Most of my books are still in boxes in the garage.

Thanks, jenijen, that was fun. I have no one to tap, however. Oh, well. Life will go on.


Jenijen said...

I am so charmed that you wore docs to your wedding reception! Yay

Thanks for playing along

katie said...

Heh. I didn't plan it -- but Archie did. When it came time for the garter toss, I was seated on a chair and Archie came over carrying my beat up boots. He put them on me, tied them, and then took off my garter.

Considering one of the best men changed into black Wranglers, a pair of Ropers, and a cowboy hat and another groomsman rolled up his tux pants into shorts, I was not out of place!