Sunday, July 22, 2007

borders was on crack

On Friday, I called our local Borders to inquire about their Harry Potter release party. The guy said, "Have you reserved a copy?" I replied, "You really think I need to reserve a copy? You're going to run out of the most anticipated release since, well, forever?"

"Well, we're advising people to come on Sunday when we'll sell books that were reserved but haven't been picked up."

"Dude, I'm pretty certain I can secure a copy somewhere tomorrow. But thanks."

And -- what do you know? -- when we went to Target there was a huge, book-filled display. Shocking! It was fun to kid with Louisa, though. "Hey! Wasn't there a book you wanted? Something like Larry Snotter? Or Barry Hotter?"

"Mo-om! Harry Potter!"

"I heard that everyone gets killed and the school burns down."*


[* I did not really hear this. That was a joke, just in case you think I would have some spoiler-y Harry Potter info.]

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