Tuesday, July 31, 2007

best nickname ever

Archie likes to watch the mixed martial arts fighting on TV. Mostly, he TiVos it and watches it in our office/guest room, because I am not what you would call a big fan. But, tonight he was watching something in the family room and he paused the TV to inform me of the nickname of one of the combatants. Are you ready?

The Mexicutioner.

Isn't that awesome? Sadly, the Mexicutioner lost the match. But he lives on in our hearts because of his fantastic nickname.


Beth said...

That is an awesome nickname.

Are you talking about those cage match thingies? I got really confused a while ago when I was channel surfing and found what I thought was a boxing match, but then the one guy kept beating on the other guy when he was down, and kicking him in the stomach, only instead of the ref intervening, the mean guy just won and everybody cheered. I was like, wow, boxing has really gone to hell since Tyson bit that guy's ear off.

katie said...

Yeah -- it's the fighting where almost anything goes in the "octogon" or whatever. It's supposedly different from years ago when it was truly anything goes and you could see some 200 pound guy taking on some little skinny dude, because they have weight classes now and most of the participants have martial arts training.

And I have seen a few bouts where the referee calls it and stops the fighting. But it is certainly a different beast from a regular boxing match. Archie loves to watch those, too. I'm still slightly amused that my husband is so into this stuff -- when we were first married, he only liked the Tour de France and Suns basketball.