Monday, September 19, 2005

big weekend.

The mother of a friend of the twins asked me on Thursday if we wanted to come to a birthday party on Saturday. She apologized, but she'd forgotten to send the invitation with her daughter. I said sure, sounded like fun.

When we got home, I recalled that we'd been to a birthday party for the daughter late in the spring. Huh. The party had been great fun -- the parents are immigrants from Mexico so there was a pinata and weird (to me) Mexican candy. (Like the candy pollo asada -- a lollipop that looks like a chicken. A whole, raw chicken. Bebe assured me it didn't taste like a chicken, however.) And the food was glorious! Homemade tamales and refried beans and rice and a casserole dish full of homemade hot sauce. I called Archie that day (he was staying home with ChaCha) and said, "Dude, you should be here. Tamales. Homemade tamales!" He was appropriately envious.

Turns out, the party was for the older brother. Much, much fun. Cha got to beat on the pinata. (Archie said, "Ooo, you're angry at the pinata! Use the anger! Use the anger!") The twins just ran around with their friend and played in the bouncy house the family had rented. Arch and I ate delectable grilled carne asada and drank Coronas and chatted with other parents. We just hung out for several hours and watched the kids have a ball. When we finally came home -- about an hour past bedtime -- ChaCha shooed me out of their bedroom. "Go away, Mama. I'm tired. I need my rest!"

Sunday was very relaxing. The girls ran around and goofed off. Archie watched football and did some yardwork. He also bought Krispy Kremes and I think we all fell into a sugar coma for a brief period. As I got ready to start cooking dinner, Archie said, "Let's just get something. I mean, unless you really want to cook." You don't have to tell me twice. Go and kill some takeout, you brave hunter. Heh.

It doesn't sound like much, does it? But good food, cold beer, happy and tired kids, no cooking, Krispy Kremes, and football? The recipe for a great weekend.

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