Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my drug of choice.

Diet Vanilla Coke. I'm seriously considering buying it from Price Club in bulk. Coffee would serve my needs as well, but I'm too spacy in the morning to work the coffee maker. So, I stumble to the fridge and grab a can and down some life-giving caffeine.

I know it's bad when the kids try to sneak a sip, and if the can is empty, they go to get me a full one. Because they know I'll drink another one. Oh, yes, I will.

Not being able to have caffeinated beverages was one of the worst things about being pregnant (especially the second time). I couldn't completely give up caffeine -- I still had chocolate because not having chocolate would have been insane. But there was much rejoicing when I could ingest caffeine again.

Mmmm. I think it's time for my lunch pick-me-up. Pardon me while I go get my fix.

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