Wednesday, September 07, 2005

completely spoiled rant.

Considering the past week, any complaints I have are ridiculous. Yet I can still find something to complain about.

I was all excited to watch the Agassi/Blake match this evening. I set the TiVo (since the evening coverage is from 4-8pm here on the West Coast and that is dinner/bath/bedtime) and I even added the three hour buffer in case the first match of the evening went long and the men's match went more than three sets.

So, the first match went to three sets. I hunkered down and patted myself on the back for being so extra-special-very-smart to set the TiVo. (I was rooting for Andre, for the record.) And Agassi loses the first two sets. Then he comes back to take the third. Then he takes the fourth! And, because of the miracle of TiVo -- with which I have no association whatsoever -- I can fast forward through the commercials and the replays and by the end of the fourth set I'm watching in real time.

As Andre pulls ahead in the fifth set, US-fucking-A ends coverage to show a "Law & Order" repeat. The fans on the East Coast can switch to the CBS late-night coverage to catch the end of the match, but I can't do that. I have to constantly refresh ESPN and the fifth set goes to a tiebreak and ARGHHHH! Because that damned repeat is so very important. Seriously, refreshing the live score is completely unsatisfying. I know that Andre won, but I have no idea what the points looked like. How the crowd was responding. Everything is ashes and I have to wait until after the news to see the end of the match.

I am a super-whiny baby right now. Commence the mocking.

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