Thursday, September 29, 2005

more squirrel!

When I went outside to go collect ChaCha from preschool, the crazy-ass squirrel was still on our porch, scrambling on the support post. I told Cha we had a nutty (ha!) squirrel and we wondered if it would still be there. It was! We could see the bushy tail from the driveway. We walked up and the damn thing just climbed to the top of the post and then seemed stuck. He wouldn't climb down, either.

We went inside and I told Archie that it was still there. We looked at it through the stained glass in the front door and then Archie went out on the porch to take a look. The squirrel freaked out and fell onto the sidewalk. Archie said, "Hey, little squirrel! Are you OK?" The thing ran across our front yard and bumped into the fence. Archie said, "Why am I talking to a squirrel?"

We watched it run down the sidewalk away from our house. Maybe it was brain-damaged. I don't know what the deal was, but I'm glad it's not on our porch anymore. I was kind of afraid it would jump on me -- and its claws looked kind of dangerous.

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