Wednesday, September 07, 2005

my little hypnotist.

Archie and I watch a show on BBCAmerica called "Little Britain." It's a comedy program where two guys perform a host of characters. The Chav Girl, the overeaters anonymous-type meeting, the ever-patient caregiver and his charge who is in a wheelchair but gets up and does things when the caregiver's back is turned. My favorite set pieces is the British Prime Minister (played by Anthony Stewart Head) and his completely-over-the-top assistant. Mostly because I love ASH and his perfect portrayal of world-weariness.

There is a character who's a hypnotist. Mostly, he seems to hypnotize his mother. "Look into my eyes. Look directly into my eyes. And you're under." And then he proceeds to tell his subject what to do. The joke is that he's a very bad hypnotist and his mother (and sometimes a stranger at a boot sale, say) are just going along.

ChaCha seems to think she is this character. Whenever she wants something, she'll come up to me and say, "You are getting very sleepy. Very, very sleepy. I want a cookie. Get me a cookie!"

The funny thing is she's never seen the above-mentioned show; she just seems to channel this character. And she gets just as ticked off when I refuse at some point to play along with being hypnotized.


Isabelle said...

I love Little Britain. Have you seen the one with the guy in the wheelchair is picking out a card for his brother's birthday. Fucking hilarious.

My friend's six year old does that thing where she pretends to hypnotise you and asks for a cookie! Maybe it's on some kid's show?

katie said...

Yeah, the disabled guy and his caregiver are a riot! I also really like the one in the library where the wheelchair guy picks multiple copies of the same book. About Chinese warfare or something. Hee.

I am also hypnotized to pretend to be a friend's cranky cat. "You're getting very, very sleepy. Be Precious!" And then I have to hiss and spit and pretend to claw Cha. We're thinking of getting her some chessy vests and heavy black eyeliner. Heh.