Monday, September 19, 2005

chacha's new 'do.

I was taking a shower. Cha was playing in the cabinet and reordering my moisturizer and futzing around with some old toothbrushes. She was very chatty as I washed my hair. I was almost ready to get out when I realized she'd been really quiet. Not for a long time, because I don't take very long in the shower, but still, quiet.

As I grabbed a towel, I noticed she was kind of hunched over and she was giving me her sneaky look. "Whatcha doing? What do you have?" I assumed she'd squeezed out some lotion and smeared it on her arms. Or found the dental floss and unwound it. Something that was a pain, but no big deal.

She gave me her best "I'm-very-cute-and-remember-how-much-you-love-me-and-my-cuteness" look and held out a pair of nail scissors. Oh, God. I slapped my glasses on to assess the damage.

Her bangs were untouched. But there was a big piece of hair on the floor and little pieces on her neck. I took a brush and brushed out big hunks. All on one side. I think she "texurized" and took out layers on the underside. Except for one area right at her part where there's barely an inch left.

The kicker is I was going to take her to get a haircut tomorrow after preschool. I don't have the car today, so I can't get her there now. So she'll have to go to preschool with the results of her handiwork.

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