Tuesday, December 04, 2007

your kiss is on my list

Don't you love a Hall and Oates reference? Now you'll have it in your head all day. You're welcome!

Ever since the girls were born, I've been a kisser. Lots of kisses, multiple times a day. A kiss on a fuzzy head there, a peck on a fat thigh here. As they grew older, we started to have a repertoire of smooches. Bedtime used to be a festival of bussing. What follows is a litany of kisses.

1. The Big Kiss: Lips to lips, hum during the press, when you part, say, "Mmm-WAH!"
2. The Eskimo Kiss: Rub noses. (Should properly be named the Inuit Kiss, I suppose, but some things just don't change.)
3. The Butterfly Kiss: Blink your eyelashes against someone's cheek. Wait for the giggles.
4. The Fish Kiss: Make fish faces. Smooch.
4.a. The Grouper: Open and shut your mouth without puckering. Smooch.
4.b. The Catfish Kiss: Fish face with backs of hands against your cheeks, fingers wiggling. For the whiskers.
4.c. The Electric Eel: Shuffle your feet along the carpet. Kiss someone and squeal when shocked. Then run.
5.The Zerbert: A loud, wet raspberry. Hilarious when done to a baby's belly. Will still provoke squeals when placed on a recipient's cheek.
6. The Darling Kiss: Three air kisses followed by both parties saying, "Darling!"
7. The Long Distance Smooch: This is really something Archie does. To me. Or at me. He just makes a few kissy noises and I am expected to reciprocate. These are never done over the phone -- he's always sitting across the room from me or walking past me. He could, reasonably, just give me a damn kiss with a tiny bit of effort. But, no. And, if I don't make the smoochy noises? He repeats his own kissy sounds, only louder. Awesome.

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