Monday, December 17, 2007

locked out

I walked out the door, to drive the girls to school, thinking, "Don't lock the front door. Don't lock the front door." As we parked and the girls clambered out of the car, I thought, "Shit. I think I locked the front door." Upon arriving back at the house, I swore a little more creatively as I tried to open the locked door.

The problem is that my house keys are on a keychain attached to my wallet in my purse, which I still don't always think to grab. The only thing that saved me from standing on my front porch was that Archie is on vacation and was still in bed. He grouchily said, as he opened the door, "Forgot your keys again?"

I may have to address the issue of having my house keys and my car keys on separate keychains.


KarenD said...

Maybe all you need to do is word your mantra differently. "Leave the door unlocked" puts the focus on the un-. This advice courtesy of a parenting article I read which asserted if one didn't want one's child to spill milk, one should say "please be careful with your milk" instead of "don't spill the milk". Why I read that much less remembered it I have no idea.

katie said...

Do you know why a parent is supposed to word things like that? Because small children often just seem to ignore the negative wording of a "don't do whatever" construction, so they effectively hear, "Do whatever. Do whatever." And -- surprise! -- they run around or talk too loudly or beat on siblings. Heh.

Since I'm a long way from being a young child, I think I really just need to put all my keys on one keychain. Or maybe talk Archie into going all high tech and getting a fingerprint scanner to work the house locks. That would be super-cool.