Sunday, December 09, 2007

mostly done

I am not good about being organized and doing Christmas shopping early. I am one of those people who run out on Christmas Eve and stay up late wrapping.

All you readers should prepare for the end of the world. I am done -- or so mostly done as to qualify. I only have stocking stuffers to get and I can do that one morning this week while the girls are at school. All hail the Internet. Yeah, I'll have to wrap, but I can't express how great it feels to know that the kids are getting what they want and I didn't have to brave the shopping crowds. I'm crossing my fingers that the package arrives in time.

The American Girl people are pretty damn awesome. When you get to checking out with your purchases, there is a big page for the mailing address which states, very clearly, that the packaging has American Girl all over it and possibly a list of contents. And an explicit warning that you might want to have it shipped to an address where your kid won't see it. Bravo, American Girl, because I was stupidly going to have that package sent to the house and that could have been traumatic. Instead, Archie will have to take a little ribbing about getting a shipment of dolls at work. Heh.

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