Friday, December 14, 2007

and a happy hanu-shark to you, too

Charlotte is developing a very rich imaginative life. Either that, or she's presenting with schizophrenia at a very young age. So we'll go with the former.

On the walk home from kindergarten, she was telling me about her most recent conversation with Princess and Benny. Princess is her class fish -- a blue Beta. And Benny is the afternoon class fish who is red.

Cha: Princess said she needed a reef.
Me: A reef? Is her bowl big enough for that?
Cha: Yes! Because she wants some decorations. For the holiday.
Me: Decorations? Oh, you mean a wreath. A wreath is the round decoration; a reef is a group of coral -- like in Finding Nemo.
Cha: OK, the fish want wreaths to decorate for the holiday.
Me: What holiday are they celebrating?
Cha: Fishmas!

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Charlotte said...

turns out it isnt schizophrenia, it’s just ADHD