Sunday, December 23, 2007

more thoughts centered on tv

OK, OK, we watch a lot of TV. Whatever. At least it was PBS today!

We were watching a Christmas special with the San Francisco Boys Choir. But I didn't realize it was a boys choir because we tuned in about mid-telecast during a handbell interlude. Archie (who was in the Phoenix Boys Choir way back when) said, "Oh, I remember that so well."

"What? You were not only in a boys choir, you were in a handbell choir, too? That's so twee."

The best part, though, was that there were late-teens shading into young adult guys in the very back -- Archie said they were probably former members who come back to sing at the big boys choir-Christmas-handbell-tweefest. OK, he didn't say that, exactly -- that may just be my characterization of the entire thing. But, anyway, as one song ended, the camera focussed in on two older guys who did a respect knuckles thing. It was hilarious! Because, I like to imagine that one guy leaned into the other and whispered, "Dude, we still got it. Let's hit a club later and pick up some chicks. The ladies will totally be falling all over us when we tell them we were in the boys choir and know how to play handbells!"

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