Friday, December 01, 2006

sorry for the mess

Welcome to anyone who hasn't read before. I'm Katie, a 41 year old woman married to Archie and mother to 7 year old twins, Elizabeth and Louisa (often referred to as Bebe or Elizabee and Lulu or Lou), and 4 year old Charlotte (ChaCha the prancing pony girl). I adore reality TV, reading, string quartets, and walking on the beach. OK -- that last one's a lie. I rock at "Jeopardy!", though. And I know that there is a religion in Vietnam in which Victor Hugo is a saint. Isn't that interesting? Don't you want to be my best friend? Where are you going?

This space is where I mostly talk about my girlies and stupid things Archie and I say to each other. There's nothing salacious going on here and nothing earth-changing. The title, slug rodeo, comes from the kids. A number of years ago they were all playing and when I went to see what they were doing I discovered they had made a circle with dirt, like a corral. Inside was a very disgusting slug. When I asked what they were doing, one of the kids said, "It's a slug rodeo, Mama!" It nicely describes my life right now -- slow, silly, with brief flashes of excitement. And gross, because little kids bring the gross.

Feel free to delve into the archives. I think it will give you a bit of an idea of what a goofy family I'm a part of. I also think it's indicative of what a real conversation with me can be like -- I'll tell you a story about my grandma and then talk about an episode of a TV show and then tell a cute story about the kids.

Come back all this month if you like nice and slightly amusing. I'll be updating daily for Holidailies.

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Julia said...

Yay! Daily updates! I'm happy about that news.

Have you been watching ANTM this cycle?