Sunday, December 31, 2006

the perfect end to the year

Our very good friend Steve gave each of us $50 for Christmas. Yes, he's very generous. And Archie's mom gave each of the girls gift certificates to Target. So we went and each of the girlies picked out an outfit and some fun stuff.

Lou got some art stuff. Bebe got a Barbie guitar. Charlotte fell in love because there is an included microphone. She was walking around with this pink thing, singing along with a pre-recorded Beyonce song, using the whammy bar like a pro, when suddenly she said, amplified, "Hey! Help! Rockstar has to go to the bathroom!"

I didn't think this hilarity could be topped. Except that ChaCha wanted to get the companion Barbie keyboard. Another microphone! You can actually play this (as opposed to the guitar), more pop songs, and lots of rhythm options. But the best thing, far and away, is a cowbell button.

When the cacophony gets a little overwhelming, I shout, "More cowbell!" and Cha pushes that button and it cracks me up every time.

May your 2007 have more cowbell. I know mine will.

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