Wednesday, December 20, 2006 show.ever

Have you seen "Cash Cab"? It's the best. Unsuspecting people climb into a cab and then the cabbie/host turns on some flashing lights on the ceiling of the cab and asks them if they want to answer some general knowledge questions while they ride to their destination. They will get kicked out if they answer 3 questions incorrectly. They can get help twice with "shout outs" -- one on a mobile phone, one where they ask a passerby on the street. If the taxi stops at a red light, the passengers can double their money with a "Red Light Challenge". And if they arrive at their destination, they can go double or nothing with a video challenge.

This show is fun on so many levels. Everyone is startled by the flashing lights. As the viewer, you can try to guess if contestants are going to get through the entire ride or get booted out of the cab. (On one epsiode, a guy had two strikes and over 20 blocks to go and said, "We're in the worst section of New York! We can't get kicked out here!" Heh.)

I love this show. I wish there was a cash cab in my area. But, until then, I'll just enjoy watching people in New York take what has to be the best cab ride of their lives. Even if they lose!

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