Monday, December 11, 2006

reverse psychology fails again

I've written before about Ms. ChaCha Bug's preschool issues. To briefly recap, she practically grew up there, since she was 6 months old when the twins started class. She felt completely comfortable and when she started, she exhibited some problems with seeing her teachers as authority figures. She was never blatantly defiant and nasty, she'd just ignore instructions, particularly to come inside from the play yard. When we switched schools (same basic program; different location) at the end of last year, she improved dramatically.

About halfway through the first session, the head teacher retired. So, Cha has started pulling the same ignoring routine again. She's doing really well on learning her letters and pre-reading stuff and she's very social and sweet-natured and loves her friends. But her teacher asked me today to talk to her about following instructions. (I am such a smart-ass, that the first thing I thought was, "I'm supposed to tell her to listen to you? Who knew? I've been telling her to ignore adults and any direct commands!" Heh.)

So, in the car on the ride home, I spoke to her for what seemed like the bazillionth time about listening and following directions. Charlotte said, "Do you know what Miss Grace says will happen to kids who don't listen?"

"No, sweetie. What does Miss Grace say?"

"That if you don't listen, you will have to sing a solo at the holiday program. That's where you have to sing all by yourself in front of all the parents."

Oh, Lord, this woman has absolutely no clue what makes this child tick.

"Mama, I've been trying to decide if I should sing 'Zombie Jamboree' or 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot'. Which do you think would be best?"

The teacher is grooming the kid to ignore her.


nita said...

I vote for "hit me with your best shot" and a video on youtube.

Mel said...

Yes, please! on the video.

And that's a really weird choice of "punishment" anyway.