Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the end of the world

This whole Miss USA thing is ridiculous. First, isn't it kind of expected that Miss USA should be a little wild? A tad out of control? She's not Miss America, where I think there is a bit of an expectation that the winner appears wholesome and moderately intelligent and tries to exhibit some talent. Miss USA has to look hot and rock a bikini. Isn't her reign mostly about posing for covers of Maxim and other lad mags? Where Miss America tours middle schools and ostensibly does charity work or tries to raise awareness of some issue important to her?

I just think there are different expectations and now Donald Trump is sending a 20 year old who is partying to rehab? Really? Rehab?

The saddest thing is that the press conference was covered live on all the major news outlets. I don't think it makes anyone a horrible person to be interested in the story, but is it really news that needs to be covered live on CNN and NBC and CBS and (probably) ESPN?

[This post brought to you by the question mark.]

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