Tuesday, January 02, 2007

back to reality

Archie was home from the Wednesday before Christmas to yesterday. Almost 2 weeks of tag-team parenting (or, at least, another adult in the house to rely on in toilet-overflow or general meltdown situations). The twins go back to school on Thursday and that will be a good day -- the nice behavior (because I know Santa's phone number, heh) and sisterly holiday cheer has evaporated. The tail-end of vacations is always a pain. We'll got through it -- we always do.

What with shopping and celebrating and more after-Christmas shopping (thanks to money and gift certificates) and Archie taking a day to game with his friends, I haven't found the time to use my own windfalls of cash and certificates. I am in desperate need of a haircut. The house looks like it's been ransacked -- which it kind of has, except by 3 little girls, not criminals. The tree needs to be un-decorated and taken to the curb. There are piles of laundry and my side of the bed has become an even messier place.

I guess it's time to step up and get some work done.

(In good news, USC beat the Team I Can Never Cheer For, Even Though They Are A Big Ten Team. And, during the Wisconsin game, an announcer said something about the opposing team touching badgers and that still cracks me up. It sounds vaguely dirty.)

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