Wednesday, August 17, 2005

theme songs.

I love my husband. He makes up new lyrics to songs -- especially TV theme songs. A classic in our household is:

So no one told you you were gonna feel this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke
You've got frog DNA

That's funny, right? Especially with the obligatory hand clap. Then last night, we watched "Rescue Me" and now we have the popular:

We have 3 kids
C'mon, c'mon
They're devil spawn
C'mon, c'mon
One day they will all be gone
Away, away, away

Because the kids are driving me a little bit crazy. I love them madly, but why must my baby play in the toilet? Why? When your sister sneaks a piece of your cheese, is the appropriate response to give her a sharp kick in the shin? Are tears the right way to deal with the, admittedly, frustrating process of learning to tie your shoes? (I'm purposely not putting names with the crimes. But I think we all know who the one who's playing in the toilet is. Oh, yes.)

Another random tidbit is that Louisa is fascinated with HGTV. She loves the home improvement shows. Today, she watched a show about new stuff while I cooked dinner and she came into the kitchen after the really cool ones to explain them to me. Her favorite was the heated bathtub. "So you can take extra long baths, Mommy. Isn't that fantastic?" I assured her that it was amazing. "Can we get one? Then you wouldn't have to put more hot water in the tub. Or make us get out just when we were starting to have fun. Can we? Hmmm?"


Although I do want one now.

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