Wednesday, August 31, 2005

school and stuff.

It's almost time to pick up Bebe and Lulu from their first day of first grade. Today has been unexpectedly upsetting. No, I'm not tearful or sobbing -- I just feel a bit off-kilter and stressed.

For kindergarten, at our elementary school, there is a stand-alone building that's fenced in and has a dedicated playground. Really, it felt much more like preschool than real school, I think. But today, all we knew was which of the 2 classrooms the girls were in. There was a list of instructions -- drop your backpack next to your class door, go to the large playground, line up when the bell rings, follow your teacher to class. No instruction about where the line will be, no teacher available to tell us if they collect lunch money for the week or do the kids need to bring money each day, nothing. I was just glad I made a mental note of some of the other kids in each of the girls' classes and then I sent them in the right direction. I also very sternly told them not to give their lunch money to any other kids. (At daycamp, Bebe would just give her extra cash to any kid who asked. Not a good thing when eating depends on that money, though.)

I'm sure everything is swell and we'll have lots of talking on the walk home. Bebe was a little concerned that her best kindergarten friends are all in Lou's class. I had to remind her that she made friends at daycamp this summer really quickly and easily. That seemed to make her feel a little better.

Homework tonight!

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