Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a changing smile.

Elizabee has been worrying her loose bottom tooth and it's been really wobbly for a day or so. And tonight, when all the girlies were brushing their teeth, I noticed that there was a little line of blood around that tooth -- it is just barely hanging on. I showed her in the mirror and she was all excited. Then I told her to smile at me because I wanted to see her smile before it changed. She got a little weepy.

"Mommy, I like my smile. I don't want it to change."
"Oh, sweetie! I love your smile, too! But, it has changed so much, you just don't realize it. I remember when there were no teeth at all. And then two little top ones. And then four. Until all your baby teeth were in. And soon, you'll have a jack-o-lantern smile and then your grown-up teeth will come in. I think it's kind of exciting."

She sniffled a little and then she whispered, "I just like things the way they are. I don't want everything to change."

How do you reply to that? Poor little girl. I hugged her and told her I have loved watching her grow up and change and I plan on loving all the changes she'll go through as she gets older. That seemed to console her a little. She's such a beautiful, crazy, funny girl.

Soon she'll have a new beautiful, crazy, funny smile.

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