Tuesday, August 16, 2005

meta stuff.

OK, so I went and downloaded SiteMeter because I've never had a counter or referral log before. Is it bad form to ask some of you who you are? Yeah, probably. I think I know who my Australian reader is, but I've seen a few from Ohio. Which makes me smile because I'm from Ohio -- but I know they're not family because they're from a different area.

Also -- hi to my reader from Germany! Seriously, that is so cool.

For those of you who are reading, thanks. I hope the little things I post are enjoyable and amusing. Feel free to comment. Or not. Whatever, I'm fine with it.

Now I have to start cleaning my filthy house, even though I'd much rather obsessively reload my referral page. Hit me, baby. I'm so 1996, I fear.

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