Sunday, December 05, 2004

yee haw!

Well, here we go. Why "slug rodeo?"

I have three daughters. My twins are 5 and the baby is not-quite 3. One afternoon, they were outside, digging in the dirt next to our driveway. Lots of chatter and squealing. It was warm and sunny and I was reading while they were all occupied.

But the general sense of fun coming from them was too much to resist. So I closed my book and went over to see what they were doing. There was a circle of dirt -- like a circus ring, I guess. And inside that enclosure was the biggest, grossest slug I'd ever seen. "Whatcha doing?" "It's a slug rodeo, Mama!"

A slug rodeo. I now think of it as a metaphor of my life right now. Slightly slow, mostly silly, with occasional flashes of excitement.

Oh, and gross. Can't forget the gross with young children.

So, welcome to the slug rodeo. Nice to meet ya. Watch out for the slime.

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