Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Well, not really. My mom is in the guest room watching her TiVoed soap operas. The girls are all asleep. It's storming like crazy -- high winds and the rain has been coming down for several hours. Am I getting wet and taking the garbage to the curb? Um, no.

Archie left this morning at about 10am to spend the day with a few friends and watch "The Lord of the Rings" extend-o-version. It's 10.30pm now, so they might be close to the end. There will probably be some game console play, as well. I think I'm the best wife for handling all the kid and house duties for the entire day so he can go and pretend to be in high school for the day.

He can take the trash out. I think he can get up with the girls come morning, too. I feel in need of a late start.

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shannon said...

"he can go and pretend to be in high school for the day." E seems to have more and more of those days the closer baby day comes :) I think he knows there will be many, many less in his future :)