Thursday, December 09, 2004

there may be no toys for christmas.

Charlotte is playing with a cigar box that houses a collection of outlet protectors. If you're not familiar (and that would be because you have no children) these are plastic things that fit into electrical outlets so the precious kinder don't feel the power of PG&E. What can you do with these things?

She put one on her nose and then started to oink like a piglet. The crowning touch was when she capped an oinking aria with a high-pitched "SQEEEEEAAAAAL!" Of course, it's much better if I play along -- so we had a piggy duet. Then she put one against her eye and said, "Ahoy, Mama! You scurvy dog. Let's sail the Spanish Main!" Then the cover became a "stefascope." Did you know there is such a thing as plastic broccoli? It grows very well in my family room.

My contribution to this fascinating exercise (aside from my best porcine imitation) has been using them as tiny defib paddles on one of the Teletubbies. Lala apparently has a wonky ticker, so we yell, "Clear!" and then electrically reboot her heart. It's all about the teachable moments.

Is it wrong to just want to scour the house for objects to wrap up for Christmas gifts? This will probably be the last year I could get away with it. "ChaCha! Santa brought you a spaghetti strainer spoon and some boxes and several cans of peaches. You are the luckiest girl in the whole world!"

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