Wednesday, December 29, 2004


My mom and I took the girlies to see "Polar Express" yesterday. It was fun and cool that all 3 of the kinder can now go out and behave appropriately. (And, yes, I consider Cha taking a nap during the movie as appropriate behavior. Although that nap meant she missed all of the movie set at the North Pole. Oh, well.) If you asked Bebe what her favorite part was, she said, "I loved the elves!" Lulu said, "I liked all the stuff on the train!" ChaCha said, "I lovedlovedloved the yummy popcorn and the Icee!" I adore that her favorite part of any situation is the food.

Archie and I have watched quite a few DVDs over the holiday. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was quite good. It made me cry, but the next day, I had to chalk up the tears to possible hormonal causes. There was also the documentary "The Mayor of the Sunset Strip" about KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. It seemed kind of straight-forward and then veered into becoming a really sad look at a man and his damaged family and adult life. Damn. I had to go to bed when the woman he was obviously in love with said, "I have a boyfriend and Rodney is just a friend." While Rodney sat next to her. Ouch.

Then there was "Dodgeball." I know I should have hated it. I do dislike Ben Stiller. And much of the humor was over the top and gross. But I think I may be in love with Vince Vaughn. And the guy from "Firefly" who plays a pirate? Alan Tudyck, I think. I think he might be my secret boyfriend. You may want to stop reading at this point. Really. Go away.

I now have a new phrase. "You had me at blood and semen." That line is so very wrong and yet so very, very right.

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Amy said...

You had me at "blood and semen." Since 2001.