Tuesday, December 14, 2004

things we said.

Yesterday was an award ceremony for the twins at their school. Here are some of the funny (and possibly evil) things Archie and I said during the festivities.

The principal announced that the awards were for perfect attendance, outstanding citizenship, and organizational skills. We weren't told what award the girls were getting. I said, "They missed 2 days for illness and if they win anything for organization, I'll clean the kitchen floor with a toothbrush for a month." Yep -- outstanding citizens. Whew, dodged a toothbrush on that one.

The girls' teacher sent home a note recently stating that, for religious reasons, she doesn't want her picture taken. As I got ready to take a photograph, I said, "Is it wrong that I have a desire to steal her soul with my digital camera?"

There are 3 kindergarten classes. In one of the other classes, one little boy got all 3 awards. Archie said, "I so want the girls to kick his butt academically and beat him out for valedictorian." I replied, "Dude, they're in kindergarten! Dial it down."

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