Thursday, April 27, 2006

lakers suck

One of Archie's best friends called last night at halftime and was all chatty and up and I sent him into a steep decline. "So, Steve-O, are you calling to distract yourself from the tragedy that was the first half of the Suns game?" His voice got tight and higher-pitched and he said, "It's only halftime! It's only halftime!"

I hate the Lakers. Even if I didn't like the Suns (and I do -- especially Steve Nash who reminds me of the little, kind of greasy guy from "Bad News Bears" and "Breaking Away"), I'd be cheering them on to crush L.A. As Archie has said, it just doesn't seem fair that the Suns, as the number 2 team, have to play the Lakers in the first round.

I'm just hoping they can squeak out of this round. Otherwise, basketball season will be over for me.

(And, as an added bonus, my favorite Suns-related story! When Archie and I had sent out our wedding invitations, one of his friends called and asked if we'd considered changing the date. I asked him why and he said, "Because the Suns are playing that night. I might not be able to make it." I very calmly told him that we expected him to attend our wedding and that I was sure there would be a TV in the bar in the lobby of the hotel if he really needed to catch some of the game. You must keep in mind that we were married in December -- it wasn't like we chose a date in May, or something. Also, I did think it was kind of funny that we couldn't go to Phoenix for his wedding several years later because I was too far along in my first pregnancy to fly. We did send a nice gift, though.)

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