Wednesday, April 12, 2006

he'll soon know heartbreak

The twins have a friend named Amari. He's a great kid and he comes home with us and plays and goofs off after school. Today we were watching the end of a Cubs game. I TiVoed past a commercial and then shouted, "Hey! It's time for the stretch!" And the girls came running so we could all sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". Amari seemed a little amused. Then we watched the final innings and we won! Yay! So the girls and I all danced around.

I know Amari plays Little League, so I asked him if he had a favorite big league team. He quickly said, "The Cubs!" I asked if he didn't really like the As or the Giants and he replied, "I did like the As, but you all cheer for the Cubs and I think I'll be a Cubs fan, too." Awww. Poor dear has no idea they'll break his heart.

I've turned more poor, unsuspecting children into Cubs fans. I think it builds character but Archie thinks it qualifies as child abuse. Heh.

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