Sunday, April 02, 2006

the sevens

So, Archie tagged me to do this list thing-y. (I'm not linking -- he's unpublished and trying to be all anonymous, so sorry.)

7 Things to Do Before I Die
*go to Australia
*go to Mongolia
*see a solar eclipse
*run a marathon
*see my Cubbies win a World Series
*play drums in Archie's hypothetical crappy cover band
*become a grandmother (I'm gonna require some assistance from one or more of the girlies for this one, heh)

7 Things I Cannot Do
*whistle a tune
*have any more babies
*burp on cue
*touch my nose with my tongue
*see those stereoscopic pictures (I have no depth perception, whee)
*do any math higher than algebra

7 Things I Like About My Other Half
*he loves me
*he's very, very funny
*he often vehemently agrees with me -- I think we probably sound like we're arguing, but we're just agreeing with each other
*he's a good dad to our girls
*he has funny terms of endearment for me
*he makes smooch-y noises and expects me to make smooch-y noises in return
*he often buys me chocolate

7 Favorite Books
*Infinite Jest
*The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
*A Prayer for Owen Meaney
*The Brothers K
*Pride and Prejudice
*The Great Gatsby

7 Favorite Movies
*Bull Durham
*Singin' in the Rain
*Raising Arizona
*The Thin Blue Line
*The Wizard of Oz
*The Singing Detective (this is a cheat because I'm not referring to the movie, but the BBC miniseries -- but it's one of the best things I've ever seen and I love it)

7 Things I Say
*"Louisa May!"
*"Charlotte Jane Campbell!"
*"Do I look like the maid?"
*"Take a deep breath."
*"Please, please, stop hitting each other!"

Feel free to do your sevens. Leave a comment (or leave them in the comments) so I can read yours!


Isabelle said...

You better bloody come to Australia! Soonish!

katie said...

Will there be a visible solar eclipse in Australia where I can also run a marathon? That would let me cross 3 things off my list for the price of one trip!