Friday, May 05, 2006

they say it's your birthday

Well, it's mine, at least. So, happy birthday to me and happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.

The girls gave me a thoughtful present -- an oatmeal tin they'd decorated filled with little slips of paper detailing things they'd do for me today. Not fighting, not being crabby, cleaning up -- that sort of thing. Very sweet, right? I showed it to Archie, who said, "So, they're going to do all the things they should do anyway and call it a present and you're buying it? Sucker."

In other good news, the Suns beat the Lakers in OT last night in L.A. Take that, Kobe. Now, if they can just beat the snot out of them in Phoenix on Saturday.

Nothing much is going on here, right now. Minor illness, grumpiness, hilarity, and just regular day-to-day stuff. Which is all better than major sickness, no laughter, and on-going crises. I'll take more of the usual, please, and putter along.

(Also, the twins have made a new friend. This isn't really remarkable, except for the new friend's name. Gigi! Hey, here comes Bebe, Lulu, and Gigi! I could just die from the cuteness. I told Archie and he said, "You know, I'm not as big a fan of the repeating syllable nickname as you are." Whatever. Gigi fits right in and I think we need to find a Fifi or Mimi. The twins had a friend named Trixie last year, which was also fantastic, but Trixie moved away. To Hawaii. I think it's a punishable offense to be envious of a 5 year old. Hee.)

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