Friday, May 26, 2006

poor, sad baby

Ms. Bee apparently had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It started off all wrong because her teacher was out for the day and there was the dreaded substitute. (Not the borderline retarded one who left all the kids on the playground, thank heavens.) Beebs came out of class and leaned against me. I am forbidden from showing any affection to my big girls when in public -- no hugs or head skritches, and a kiss would cause the end of the world. So I let her lean against me and asked what was the trouble. She kind of sighed and the sub came over and said, "Elizabeth fell on the playground and scraped her hand a bit and banged up her knee," and she took Bebe's hand and there was the faintest red mark on her palm, "but I think she's OK." I thanked her and we collected Lou and started the walk home.

Bebe snorfled a tiny bit and I said, "You know, it's very sweet that the sub even knows your name. She seems very nice -- I saw her talk to you this morning when you were dropping off your backpack." "Mommy! How do you know that? That was after we got out of the car!" "I know, but Cha and I watch you two walk to class sometimes, that's all." "Don't do that anymore. I'm not a baby..." and then there was some more snorfling.

After we'd walked a bit, she said, "We were supposed to watch 'Ira Sleeps Over' but instead we watched 'Charlotte's Web' and now we'll never see 'Ira Sleeps Over'!" "Sweetie, you've seen 'Ira Sleeps Over' approximately a thousand times. Just tell your teacher on Tuesday and maybe she can reschedule it, OK?"

"She won't believe me!" I don't know where that came from -- but I just said that her teacher would believe her and left it at that. Then there was a tummyache later in the afternoon. Then she passed out on the couch and I had to carry her to bed.

Poor girlie. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. And she won't have to move to Australia. (Although I'm sure Isabelle would put her up, right Isa?)

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Isabelle said...

Oh man! Any time any of you guys need to escape from a bad day you're welcome to drop in!