Sunday, May 07, 2006

i should've wished for a pony

That wish that the Suns beat the snot out of the Lakers? Hell, yeah. Bye bye L.A. Really, I should make better wishes. But that was a good, good thing.

A friend of the girls had a birthday party yesterday. Oh, the fun! The bouncy house, the gigantic pack of children squealing and jumping and running about. The relaxation of the parents eating delicious homemade tamales and drinking beer. The beating of the pinata! The scramble for the candy! Cake and jello!

The best part is when the tired, sugar-super-saturated, slightly crabby children fall asleep in about 3.2 seconds. I wish I could bottle that. Because that would make me a small fortune and then I could buy myself a damn pony.


Jenijen said...

Hey! Happy (late) Birthday to you!!!

katie said...